Charlie’s Big Red House After School
  • Ballet

    Draws out creative movements that not only enhances physical abilities, such as correcting body posture, but also cultivate children who think and express themselves independently. Classes are instructed by a Professional Ballet Instructor.

  • Junior

    A workout program is designed to develop the musculoskeletal system as well as enhance concentration in growing children; and further evenly develop small and big muscle groups by using instruments such as balls, clubs, bats, and rackets. In addition, our group exercises provide emotional stimulation in the brain by enhancing the sense of togetherness and trust within its members. Classes are instructed by two teachers, including a Professional Children Fitness Instructor and Professional Golf Instructor.

  • Tae-Glish

    A program that grafts teaching methods designed for practicing English conversations and Tae-Kwon-Do to focus on cultivating self-confidence, language ability, and communication skills in English.

  • Phonics
    Beginner Class

    Become familiar with the concepts of phoenix by playing games that create English vocabulary. It assists to read and write the letters of the alphabet as well as enhance vocabulary skills.

  • Writing
    Beginner Class

    A class that develops basic English writing skills through familiarizing vocabulary and expressions to compound sentences.

  • Book buddies

    Study listening skills, which is the basic ability when learning English, as well as enhance memorization skills through the basis of Total Physical Response (TPR), by singing English songs, listening to English stories, and using picture-cards that repeat vocabulary and sentences.

  • Game & Play

    Develop mathematical calculation skills and problem-solving skills through the teaching tools of Lawrence Berger and various games.

  • Leggo

    Develop social skills and expressiveness through age-appropriate play that learns and explores the world. Instructed by Professional Instructors that guide children to create models of real-life structures in the pursuance of enhancing structural comprehension and increasing spatial perception.

  • Story Blocks

    Class that utilizes diverse blocks, such as legos, plus plus blocks, and Korean blocks, along with picture books. Picture books develop imagination in regards to the plot of the story while blocks enhance problem-solving skills and expressiveness through the reconstruction of animals, transportation means, etc within the story.

  • Art Brain Class

    An art class that helps develop children’s imagination and creativity, based on the relaxation of the body, heart, and brain. Consists of experience-based classes that stimulate the five-senses as well as image-imagination training, which develops a happy children who are able to freely express their feelings.

  • Project Art

    An art class designed to progress in project-form rather than a one-time class. Enhances creativity and physical development, as art is expressed through inspirations that come from various platforms, including surrounding objects, picture books, music, and images.