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Children express their emotions through music and art.
Beautiful, Cool, Amazing, Fun!!”
We can feel the exclamations coming from our children.
The art classes and cultural experiences offered at Charlie’s synergize with the imagination of children and create a magical world.
3 ~ 4Years urling-twirling imagination
5 ~ 7Years Whimsical Creation
After School Program Brain Art,
Project Art
Our entertaining art program allows children to express their infinite imagination across various art genres, including fine art and design art. Instructed by professional art teachers, children hold onto their crafts made during class to create an art collection and further, open and invite family members to their art exhibition every fall. While introducing their art work to friends and family at Charlie’s, which has now become an art museum, children acquire cultural experience by sharing feelings and emotions. A portrait of Charlie's Big Red House drawn by our little artists is a place where puppies and bunnies live, fruit blossoms year-round, and memories of making Kimchi are contained.
5Years PLAYSONGS English program
4Years PLAYSONGS ‘Musical Play’
6 ~ 7Years Beautiful Melody
PLAYSONGS provide children a distinctive musical experience that includes both story and music, as children sing about the diverse plots of the main character in a picture-book while also performing musical instruments. Starting from age 6, our goal is to cooperate and create two musical performances each year, which increases confidence in English as well as enhances confidence in expressing art through music. Children perform their collaborative play, such as ‘Red Riding Hood,’ ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper,’ in front of their little brothers and sisters, and at the end of the year, also invite their family members to share their work.