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There are special moments throughout one’s childhood where doors to the future opens up. The
critical learning period is crucial to ensure a delightful childhood, and parents should always be aware
of this moment during childhood.

The Hopes of Korean Parents

“I hope that my child will arrive at his (or her) destination of learning in an ‘accurate’ manner through ‘public education’ programs
during his (or her) ‘critical learning period.’”
However, contrasting to the hopes of many parents, the educational atmosphere of South Korea today seems to promote speed
over accuracy when heading towards an educational goal for children; as in reality, prerequisite learning is prioritized over timely
learning, private education is appreciated over public education, and worksheets are valued over play.

Going over the list and choices above, as parents, it is important to consider and question our child’s happiness in such an educational
environment. Unfortunately, a 2014 research presents that children in South Korea have the lowest life-satisfaction level among
children from any other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. These unfortunate results are
mainly due to excessive stress caused by extreme studying and lack of leisure time.

Charlie’s Big Red House utilizes the best teaching method and thus, accommodates the developmental stages of children in its
educational programs. Further, at Charlie’s Big Red House, we share our parents’ concern regarding early childhood education and
most importantly, strive to protect our children’s happiness.

Charlie’s Big Red House is the first community (world) that our children face entirely by themselves, without their parents. Thus, all our faculty
members continue to perform research and diligently educate children, so that our children will continue to feel the love and respect they receive
from the home, learn happily, and feel the accomplishment of learning at Charlie’s Big Red House.