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When building Charlie’s Big Red House, our goal was to create ahomey environment filled
with love, warmth,
consideration, and respect for children who are taking their first steps in a
world outside of their house.

With this goal in mind, we built a house including a yard with everlasting sunshine, cordial and familiar classrooms that provide a homelike environment,
and a library where children discover the beauty in learning as well as read and engage in discussions on a daily basis. Today, at Charlie’s Big Red House,
children start the day by listening to cheerful music and performing gymnastics. Further, they learn to love nature, value life, willingly (independently) acquire knowledge,
engage in constructive competition, improve sharing abilities, and develop patience -- which ultimately leads to a healthy mind.

We don’t educate with teaching methods made at the desk.

At Charlie’s Big Read House, we don’t educate with teaching methods made at the desk.
Instead, we continuously refine, ‘re-produce’, and utilize our practical teaching methods that were created based on the discovery of
each child’s individual uniqueness through various encounters and observations over the course of 10 years.
However, our system and facilities are not the reason why Charlie’s Big Red House is loved by families and stands out from its
competitors, acquiring the epithet ‘Dream Kindergarten.’
The reason behind our success is mainly due to our teachers, who are responsible for taking care of and raising our children.
At this time, Charlie’s Big Red House wants to express its gratitude towards our teachers, who recognize each and every child’s unique
and individual identity, who patiently waits and observes a child without putting pressure, who dedicate and devote themselves to help
a child create wonderful experiences during the irreplaceable stage of early childhood, and finally, who love and care for every child as
their own.